Hand-Made Nature Journal
Learn to make a practical and aesthetically beautiful journal for your own daily use to capture nature's images. This 1-day course will introduce students to one of the earliest-known sewn structures for bookbinding. Coptic bindings are suitable for binding a variety of papers, and are elegant and sturdy enough for field or travel journals. You will make a simple hand-bound book with multi-media paper and a decorative cover, for use as a journal. We will then explore a variety of options to personalize the journal with cover images, colophon and a dedication page. This journal can then be used for nature journaling in the 2-day course following this one. Fee: $63 member, $69 non-member. All students are welcome, with no prerequisites.
Course #08W BI120
Fri., April 18, 9 a.m.– 4 p.m.
Instructor: Maria Hodkins

The Art of Keeping a Nature Journal
Loosen, broaden and deepen your perspectives of the plant world by keeping a nature journal. Explore this artistic, scientific and reflective practice to enhance your illustrations and integrate your connection with nature. Nature journaling captures the essence of the moment, including weather, colors, sounds, smells, moon phase, movement of light, plants and animals, landscape, rhythms and nature's cycles. The interrelationship of all things becomes evident through this practice of looking deeply. This 2-day workshop will acquaint you with basic techniques, including both classroom and outdoor instruction, in attuned observation, field notes, reflective writing, sketching, color and page design. Enjoy discovering ordinary magic in the world around you and develop an artful daily practice for your life through all of the seasons. Fee: $123 member, $147 non-member. All students are welcome, with no prerequisites.
Course #08W BI130
Sat. – Sun., April 19-20, 9 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Instructor: Maria Hodkins